Hangul-input-method Kit for Lua/KOReader

Input method implemented: 2-beolsik (for simplicity, can retrieve many articles for implementation)

Classes and their features

  • HgSylbls (= Hangul Syllables)
  • Determine if a character is in Hangul consonnant, vowel, initial, medial, or final character
  • Combine initial, medial[, and final] character into a complete syllables
  • Determine if a medial (or final) character can be a double one (can combine another medial (or final) one)
  • HgFSM (= Hangul Finite State Machine)
  • Process Hangul syllabus combination if the character that user inputs are valid one to be combined
  • UIHandler
  • To communicate with the actual UI text input box

References :: Hangul syllables combination formula, Hangul unicode composition, FSM reference

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