Module ui.size

This module provides a standardized set of sizes for use in widgets.

There are values for borders, margins, paddings, radii, and lines. Have a look at the code for full details. If you are considering to deviate from one of the defaults, please take a second to consider:

  1. Why you want to differ in the first place. We consciously strive toward consistency in the UI, which is typically valued higher than one pixel more or less in a specific context.
  2. If there really isn't anything close to what you want, whether it should be added to the arsenal of default sizes rather than as a local exception.


    local Size = require("ui/size")
    local frame -- just an example widget
    frame = FrameContainer:new{
        radius = Size.radius.window,
        bordersize = Size.border.window,
        padding = Size.padding.default,
        margin = Size.margin.default,
            -- etc

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