Multi-platform ebook reader

An ebook reader application supports PDF, DJVU, EPUB, FB2 and many more formats, running on Kindle, Kobo, PocketBook, Ubuntu Touch and Android devices.


apps.filemanager.filemanagerbookinfo This module provides a way to display book information (filename and book metadata)
apps.filemanager.filemanagerconverter This module is responsible for converting files.
apps.filemanager.filemanagerutil This module contains miscellaneous helper functions for FileManager Stream Utils
apps.reader.modules.readerview ReaderView module handles all the screen painting for document browsing.
depgraph DepGraph module.
device.gesturedetector This module detects gestures.
docsettings This module is responsible for reading and writing metadata.lua files in the so-called sidecar directory (Wikipedia definition).
document.documentregistry This is a registry for document providers
dump A simple serialization function which won't do uservalues, functions, or loops.
logger Logger module.
luasettings This module handles generic settings as well as KOReader's global settings system.
optmath Simple math helper functions
random A set of functions to extend math.random and math.randomseed.
ui.downloadmgr This module displays a PathChooser widget to choose a download directory.
ui.event Events are messages that are passed through the widget tree

Events need a "name" attribute as minimal data.

ui.font Font module.
ui.geometry 2D Geometry utilities
ui.hook_container HookContainer allows listeners to register and unregister a hook for speakers to execute.
ui.menusorter This module is responsible for constructing the KOReader menu based on a list of menu_items and a separate menu order.
ui.quickstart This module is responsible for generating the quickstart guide.
ui.rendertext Text rendering module.
ui.translator This module translates text using Google Translate.
ui.uimanager This module manages widgets.
ui.widget.bboxwidget BBoxWidget shows a bbox for page cropping.
ui.widget.closebutton Button widget that shows an "×" and handles closing window when tapped
ui.widget.confirmbox Widget that shows a confirmation alert with a message and Cancel/OK buttons


    text = _("Save the document?"),
    ok_text = _("Save"),  -- ok_text defaults to _("OK")
    ok_callback = function()
        -- save document

It is strongly recommended to set a custom ok_text describing the action to be confirmed, as demonstrated in the example above.

ui.widget.container.alphacontainer AlphaContainer will paint its content (1 widget) onto lower levels using a transparency (0..1)
ui.widget.container.bottomcontainer BottomContainer contains its content (1 widget) at the bottom of its own dimensions
ui.widget.container.centercontainer CenterContainer centers its content (1 widget) within its own dimensions
ui.widget.container.framecontainer A FrameContainer is some graphics content (1 widget) that is surrounded by a frame
ui.widget.container.inputcontainer An InputContainer is a WidgetContainer that handles user input events including multi touches and key presses.
ui.widget.container.leftcontainer LeftContainer aligns its content (1 widget) at the left of its own dimensions
ui.widget.container.rightcontainer RightContainer aligns its content (1 widget) at the right of its own dimensions
ui.widget.container.topcontainer TopContainer contains its content (1 widget) at the top of its own dimensions
ui.widget.container.underlinecontainer An UnderlineContainer is a WidgetContainer that is able to paint a line under its child node.
ui.widget.container.widgetcontainer WidgetContainer is a container for one or multiple Widgets.
ui.widget.eventlistener The EventListener is an interface that handles events.
ui.widget.iconbutton Button with a big icon image! Designed for touch devices.
ui.widget.imageviewer ImageViewer displays an image with some simple manipulation options.

ImageWidget shows an image from a file or memory

Show image from file example:

    file = "resources/info-i.png",
    -- Make sure alpha is set to true if png has transparent background
    -- alpha = true,

Show image from memory example:

    -- bitmap_buffer should be a block of memory that holds the raw
    -- uncompressed bitmap.
ui.widget.infomessage Widget that displays an informational message.
ui.widget.inputdialog Widget for taking user input.
ui.widget.keyvaluepage Widget that presents a multi-page to show key value pairs.
ui.widget.linewidget Widget that displays a line.
ui.widget.listview Widget component that handles pagination for a list of items.
ui.widget.multiconfirmbox Widget that shows a message and choice1/choice2/Cancel buttons
ui.widget.networksetting Network setting widget.
ui.widget.notification Widget that displays a tiny notification at the top of the screen.
ui.widget.progresswidget Widget for displaying progress bar.
ui.widget.textboxwidget A TextWidget that handles long text wrapping
ui.widget.widget This is a generic Widget interface, which is the base class for all other widgets.
util This module contains miscellaneous helper functions for the KOReader frontend.
version This module helps with retrieving version information.


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